Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hihi, how are you guys doing this week?Now its the time for me to blogging again !Today, i would like to introduce you guys a cool website. (www.sasa.com.my) If you guys were lazy to type this web adress, just click the link that i already prepared earlier beside my blog.This website consider my favorite spot when browsing internet. This is a website that not just dedicate for female, but male users will also find surprise inside.When you visit sasa website, you guys will find that it is an user friendly website as it divided the visitors into categories. For example if you are a male users, you may click on the "for him" icon, if you want to find a products that suit baby to use, you may click " for baby"

Before i visit this website, i always wonder why should we brows web as we can visit the shop and really touch the products . After the browsing, i really found that sasa website has help me to make my buying decision proses more convinient and confident. First of all, if i were interested in a particular products, sasa web can provide me the brands available and its relevent information such as the price, the introduction of products and the feedback of users. After i collect the information, it help me make decision by comparing. When the decision has been make, i will only make purchase in SASA. So, what are you waiting for? have a brows on sasa web now n maybe you will bookmark it after this!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

SASA here i come!

Hi, everyone. First of all, i would like to show my appreciation to those who leave comment in my blog. It help me much to recognize what is the public's perception towards SASA. Last week article is more into introducing me. ^-^So, this week, i am going to introduce SASA. After make some surrey, i feel that many people had wrong perception towards what SASA was selling. Most of the people think that SASA selling more of cosmetic products. Actually, if you guys had chances, just walk into SASA, you will find lots of surprise there. SASA not only selling cosmetic, they also selling hair care products, nail care products, body care products (lotion, body spray), even comb, tower, perfume, facial wash,etc also available at there. One products you can find different type of brand available at there. it is like a Watson. Just that it concentrate on selling personal care staff.
honestly, i am not a fans of makeup too, i seldom makeup unless got any special occasion. Still i spend a lot in SASA. Give a chance for SASA. Walk into it! i sure you will love it! : )

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


haloo~~ everyone, my name is Winnie Goh. Currently 22 years old. i bet many of you were not familiar with me, so i am going to introduce myself in this first article. I born in June, So my horoscope is Gemini. If you have Gemini friends, you will know that Gemini person were very moody :) . My mood change very fast, that is the reason some of my friend said that they feel very hard to understand my thinking and personality. But for conclusion, they think i am a kind person ^-^
I came from Penang, a beautiful island that famous with its delicious food( that is why my body figure not perfect) and fascinating night life ( every time in Penang i will sleep at 3am). I miss penang! i love Penang! but i seldom back penang after study in MMU because the fee of transportation cost me around RM100!

In this moment, i bet you guys will think that Since i don't back Penang often, for sure i save a lot of money in my saving account. Unfortunately you are wrong, cause i spend most of my money in SASA. that is why i love SASA and hate SASA too. Every time i cross by SASA, i wont miss to enter it. Besides that, Everytime i also think of just to window shopping at SASA, but end up i will surely contribute my money to SASA... :"( that is why i pick SASA as title of this assignment, i want to analyze the reason why i love SASA so much! Maybe i can be ambassador of SASA in future after this analyze!(kidding la)