Thursday, April 16, 2009

SASA in Singapore

Do you ever think that SASA total sells how many brands in its outlets? AFter searching information about it, i found that The store retails over 250 brands, of which 24 are exclusive to Sa Sa including Swiss skincare brands Suisse Programme and Transvital and French brands Christian Breton and Jose Eisenberg. A dedicated men's section offers male skincare products and fragrances from brands including Clarins, Zirh and Biotherm. Wow, 250 brands. In 1 store it can contents of 250 brands! it was a large amount. It was totally like Watson. the only different is SASA focus on personal care products.
Do you know that, SASA in Singapore even had a ‘workshop' room offers regular lifestyle focused courses and a treatment room allows customers to try selected skincare brands and enjoy facial treatments with beauty therapists. I wonder why this kind of service does not available in SASA Malaysia.. That is the only thing i feel disappointed about SASA.
Hopefully SASA in Malaysia can provide this service as soon as possible!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SASA's brand management

It was such a long time that i did not manage this blog..
today i am going to talk about promotions and advertising of SASA.
I think that SASA had done a great job to create its brand name around Malaysia
Although, there were people that not so familiar what SASA selling,
but at least they have heard SASA this brand name before.
If you were a big fans of 8TV, you will able to notice that SASA's advertisement actually appears quite frequently. its commercial advertising were quite interesting. unfortunately i could not found it in youtube.

Overall, i feel satisfy about its positioning and strategy.
In the next post, i will introduce the promotions that available and some little useful suggestion from me! c ya next post!