Sunday, March 15, 2009

your friendly neighbourhood-------SASA

When you heard of SASA, what was the first thing comes into your mind? My first thinking is :" huh? SASA? your friend ah? preety or not?" my friend laugh at me and said, Bodoh la, SASA is the shop that almost every shopping complex have =.=. After getting to knew well about SASA, i really feel that SASA is my "friend". I feel very comfortable and happy when i visit SASA. SASA gave me a good impression when i first saw it. The shop lighting inside SASA is bright enough. For me, a shop brighting was very important.It shows that the shop is confident about its products and hope customer can see clearly inside the shop. The second good impression that SASA give me is its good customer service. When i enter SASA to find the lip spa, i do not know where the products put, the promoter come and approach me. After i tell her what am i finding, she lead me to that spot without hesitate. Furthermore,I believe that customer do not like the promoter to follow them when they shop. I feel the same way. One day, when i enter SASA, the promoter were following me, i ask her not to follow me. She respect my wishes and leave me alone with a smiling face.Her friendliness makes my mood good and i feel that i been respected. Now you know why i love SASA so much!! that's all, see ya next week!

the first thing i bought from SASA

Well, greetings everyone! This week is a very busy week and i almost forgotten we have this assignment. Hmm..everybody have his/her first time in their favorite destination and my first time in SASA is about one year ago. Honestly, i knew SASA from my friends introduction. Hey, guys guess what my friend introduce me to buy in SASA. I bought a products called "World first 24hours lip spa" haha.. (what a lame name)
why i bought this products? let me tell you a story.
Once a time ago, their is a girl name Winnie. She were not really satisfy with her appearances especially her skin and lip color. She always find beauty formula that can change his skin colour and lip color. She wished that she could become fair like snow white and have a cheery color lips like model in advertisement. After seeking formula for a long period, a friend of her told her that SASA sells a magic products that can turn her lips color into cheery red. She was very happy when she heard about it. After she seek enough information, she straightly rush to SASA and buy that products.
After she used that products, she find that her lips really turn into cheery color ......................... for one day..... haha... ya... its will lasting just for one day. So if she wants to have cheery lips everyday, she had to applied that products for everyday. So, Winnie can become "snow white"at any day she wants! woohoo.... lame story right? But it was a true story!