Friday, May 1, 2009

SASA's pink reward

Are you SASA's lover?
Do you purchase frequently in SASA?
If the answer is "yes!" than you should familiar with "pink reward"
For those who eager to purchase SASA's products, allow me to explain the terms and conditions.
For every purchase of RM80 ringgit in a single receipt, customer get to claim for one stamp.
Upon completion of 8 stamps on each card, customer may redeem an exclusive gift.
So my TIPS for those who wanted to purchase in SASA:
"Plan everything that you need to buy in one list."
So you may have a chance to accumulate RM80 in a single receipt
So, this is my last post for my blog d..
Thanks for those who support my blog!
Feel free to E-mail me if you got any question to ask me regarding SASA!
Its my pleasure to have you guys as my course mate!

Company introduction

Hello, everyone..
all of the previous passage, i had been given comment and recommandation about SASA
And now only i realise that i never introduce about SASA's Company background..
haha.. sorry hor... Now, let me begin to lead u into SASA's world

Company introduction:

Sa Sa International Holdings Limited ("Sa Sa" or "the Group") is a leading cosmetics retailing group in Asia. Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the Stock Exchange) in 1997 (Stock Code: 178). Its over 140 retail stores and counters in Asia sell more than 400 brands of skincare, fragrance, make-up and hair care products including own-brands and other exclusive international brands. The Sa Sa Group employs over 2,450 staff in six markets across the region, covering Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Cosmetics Retail

The Group sells over 400 brands, covering over 15,000 cosmetics make-up, fragrances, skin care and hair care products under international brands including exclusive labels and own-brands. Its retail network currently comprises an extensive regional network of over 130 Sa Sa Cosmetics stores in Asia, a La Colline specialty store, an Elizabeth Arden counter and Suisse Programme counters. Our e-business platform,, also offers round-the-clock e-tailing with comprehensive product and corporate information.

Brand Management
In addition to selling its own-brand products, the Group also operates as the sole agent for many international cosmetics brands in Asia. Sa Sa is today one of the largest sole agents in cosmetics in Hong Kong, with services that include brand management, marketing, sales and distribution. Sa Sa has been appointed by a leading global prestige brand, Elizabeth Arden, as its sole agent in Hong Kong and Macau since October 2002. The Group currently manages over 100 exclusive international beauty brands including La Colline, Suisse Programme, Methode Swiss, Bergman, Nuxe, Caudalie, Ferre, Pal Zileri etc. This business accounts for over 36% of Sa Sa total retail turnover.

E-shopping in SASA website

Do you guys ever using internet in purchasing products?
I think i would like to give my first try for SASA website since
SASA give so much benefit to customer who purchase by using website
So how to purchase in SASA website?
first of all, u just need to sign up as member ( its free!!!)
After becoming a member, you may start to purchase
Every US$0.50 that you purchase will be equal to 1 point
when your points accumulate until a certain amount, you may redeem

I only shown some sample, for further detail please visit the link below

Take note that SASA will frequently change their redemption products regularly so there's always something to surprise their customers.