Friday, May 1, 2009

SASA's pink reward

Are you SASA's lover?
Do you purchase frequently in SASA?
If the answer is "yes!" than you should familiar with "pink reward"
For those who eager to purchase SASA's products, allow me to explain the terms and conditions.
For every purchase of RM80 ringgit in a single receipt, customer get to claim for one stamp.
Upon completion of 8 stamps on each card, customer may redeem an exclusive gift.
So my TIPS for those who wanted to purchase in SASA:
"Plan everything that you need to buy in one list."
So you may have a chance to accumulate RM80 in a single receipt
So, this is my last post for my blog d..
Thanks for those who support my blog!
Feel free to E-mail me if you got any question to ask me regarding SASA!
Its my pleasure to have you guys as my course mate!

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  1. ya.. i try some sasa product also.. especially some mask are quite nice.. the song quite ok.. oh ya. i want to remind that i have change the url to elkenbestbest.blogspot..welcome to leave a comment ya..